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    Some of the gameplay can be frustrating. With the game being specially adjusted for Nintendo Switch, you can use touchscreen controls, or navigate the cursor with the control stick and interact with the press of a button on either the Pro Controller or Joy-Cons. You can even use a single Joy-Con, with either side having the same functionality. This means two players can effectively play cooperatively to solve the puzzles the game presents simultaneously, taking control of the cursor or inspecting objects. If you move the cursor with the right Joy-Con for example, you can continue moving it with the left. This is an undersold experience the game doesn t explicitly tell you about, but it could add so much enjoyment to the game.

    1. ATM

      Thanks for advice.
      Nintendo port was made by external company (Sonka Games).
      I will let them know about your suggestions and eventually they will impllent them in future update.

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