All Those Moments
Based in Rzeszów, Poland

Release date:
February 23 2018 (PC) (Other TBA)

PC, Switch

Where to Buy:
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Standard Price:
USD 5.99


The Earthworms is independent, artistic, point & click game placed in surrealist world of science-fiction.


You play as private detective named Daniel White, who is endowed with parapsychic abilities. Visions that he gets, help him to solve investigations. At first glance, the case that you are part of is about missing teenage girl who’s from small fishing village. With every next location, you will experience more and more weird situations and discover that everything is leading to big global conspiracy. If you think that is only summer walk through fishing village, you are wrong. This is an epic adventure which will blow your mind.
The motto of our game:
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.
William Shakespeare


  • exploring and interacting with 34 painted locations inspired by Edward Hopper’s work
  • adventure in mysterious world which is a mix of pulp theme, surrealism and high-end science
  • a game with beautiful and epic soundtrack
  • lot of challenging logical puzzles as addition to classic inventory interactions
  • The Earthworms is a game which provides a thrill of horror mixtured with dose of humor, beauty, ugliness and most often weirdness. All because of that we do not like boring stories

The game was made by

Wojciech Witowski – game creator and mastermind, an artist painter and experienced developer with over five years in game industry. The boss.
Piotr Surmacz – music composer, who also (along with Wojciech) co-created all in-game text. Check his amazing portfolio! 
Gabriel Ziaja – coder / level designer.
Maciej Zeman – sound designer responsible for all game SFX and musical drones.
The project took us a year and a half as the game is pretty ambitious and our biggest gamedev project so far. Have fun investigating the mysterious case of EARTHWORMS! 🙂


Earthworms Launch Trailer (YT)


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