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Sleepwalking Potatoes
All Those Moments
Based in Rzeszów, Poland

Release date:
Gardenia Prologue: November 11 2021 (PC) (Other TBA)
Gardenia: (PC TBA) (Other TBA)

PC, Switch, XBOX One, XBOX X, XBOX S, Ps4, PS5

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Gardenia is a relaxing game about gardening, fairy-tale adventure, magic mushrooms and ecology.


Discover a beautiful place that is carefree and full of holiday peace. Find treasure and magic mushrooms that will give you access to the most interesting locations. Collect raw materials that you will use on the magic crafting table. Arrange the garden space at your discretion. Make friends with fancy inhabitants and find treasures!
But remember, your main goal will be to solve the mystery of who is behind the pollution that appears on the island.


  • An atmosphere of relaxation on a distant paradise island
  • Arrange the space the way you want to create beautiful plant compositions
  • beautiful story to experience and a mystery to unravel
  • A unique crafting system based on the Magic Crafting Table
  • Dexterity elements (magic mushrooms and their properties)

The game was made by

Wojciech Witowski and Andrzej Noworol. Sleepwalking Potatoes is our new brand. Our goal is to conquer the world of independent games with it. 🙂


Gardenia Gameplay Trailer (YT)


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Gardenia Prologue

Logo & Cover


Logo & Cover

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